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A Magical Adventure: Backcountry Skiing with Your Baby for the First Time


Imagine the sheer audacity of venturing into the wilderness, baby in tow, for a thrilling backcountry skiing adventure. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, from exhilaration to apprehension, as you introduce your baby to the rugged wonders of the great outdoors. In this blog post, we'll explore the comical aspects of this unique journey, providing safety tips while sprinkling in a bit of humor to ensure an unforgettable, laughter-filled adventure.

  1. Planning and Preparation: The Pinnacle of Parenthood Precision (man that is some alliteration) 

Planning a backcountry ski trip with a baby is like orchestrating a symphony. Here's a look at the prep work:

a. Skill and Experience: Consider this your initiation into the elite "Carry-A-Baby-While-Skiing" club. Don't forget your avy gear and know-how because parenting just got a whole lot more adventurous. Disclaimer, we have done baby-backcountry stuff on non-groomed non-resort areas with no avy control, this is low angle, low elevation gain/loss stuff and i'd recommend not getting into any terrain you'd need avy gear with your baby. We've also skinned resort runs after hours so managing risk that way as well. 

b. Gear Galore: Pack so much gear you'll wonder if you're moving to the wilderness. Baby carrier backpack? Check. Avalanche safety equipment? Check. Diaper bag the size of a small country? Double check. In practice, we've rarely used much of the gear, but better to have and not need than need and not have!

c. Baby Gear: Outfit your baby like they're on an Arctic expedition - layers upon layers, tiny mittens that disappear within seconds, a snowsuit with more zippers than a secret agent's suit, and a helmet to make them look like a mini-astronaut ready for lift-off. *if they're real little, then no need for a helmet, it actually causes more problems if they're below about 6 months (weight of helmet in relation to head control abilities). Remember, if they are on your chest, like we've done, that is going to heat you both up so plan/dress accordingly. 

d. Time and Terrain: "Honey, we have a limited window of opportunity between naptime and... naptime. And, oh, make sure it's a 'Baby-friendly Avalanche' day."


  1. The Right Age to Start: Calculating Baby's Ski Readiness

Wondering when to introduce your baby to backcountry skiing? Well, consider your baby's age, but also, their level of chill:

"When should we start backcountry skiing with our baby?" – "When your baby can appreciate the beauty of a snowflake but is still cool with naps.".

We started at 3 months, he would sleep a lot during our skis, but also wake up and make the cutest little cooing sounds on the downhills.


  1. Safety First: You, Your Baby, and... The Mountain

a. Avalanche Safety: Your crash course in avoiding avalanches involves more 'Aww' than 'Ahh!'

b. Extra Precautions: The list of precautions is so long, you start wondering if you'll even have time to ski. "Avoid risky slopes, high winds, steep terrain, and baby's unpredictable outbursts. Got it."

c. Baby's Comfort: Your baby's wardrobe now rivals a high-end ski catalog, and their helmet is ready to star in a pint-sized action movie.

d. Emergency Plan: "Honey, if we get stuck in a snowstorm, the diaper bag becomes our survival kit. Extra diapers can be used for insulation."


  1. Baby's Comfort: Sippy Cups and Snowplows

Keeping your baby cozy and content is a feat worthy of a medal, or at least a warm cocoa at the end of the day:

a. Stay Warm: You're the parent that's mastered the art of bundling a baby into a snowsuit faster than an Olympic skier at the starting gate.

b. Nourishment: Amidst the white wonderland, you're armed with warm baby snacks and baby-safe hot cocoa. Just don't confuse the two. Mom has also had to stop and feed baby from the milk bar on more than one occasion. Dad, your job is to help with whatever you can and be super supportive of mom! 

c. Frequent Breaks: You stop more often than a hesitant skier on a black diamond slope, but it's all for the greater good.


  1. Capture the Moments: The Baby Album Grows

Documenting this wild and wonderful escapade is a must, even if it means selfies in sub-zero temps:

Cameras roll, capturing the hilarious moments of your baby's first backcountry skiing adventure, from baby's first snowflake to that unfiltered reaction when they try on their helmet.

Conclusion: A Memorable Mishmash of Adventure

Backcountry skiing with your baby isn't just about outdoor exploration; it's a laughter-laden journey into parenthood's most adventurous extremes. While it's crucial to prioritize safety and comfort, it's also essential to keep a sense of humor along for the ride. Embrace the comical aspects of this unique adventure, because when you look back, those moments of laughter and love will be the ones you treasure most. So, gear up, baby up, and set out on your laugh-out-loud escapade into the snowy wilderness! 


Oh and try REALLY HARD not to fall! 

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